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About Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are often the first feature that we notice on other people, and aged eyes can cause a person to look more haggard, tired, and older than his or her years. As time goes by, eyes can develop fine lines, wrinkles, heavy bags, and droopy skin, which may require surgical intervention. However, all of these issues can be addressed with eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, at any of our three Y Plastic Surgery offices in the greater Atlanta area, located in Alpharetta, Roswell, and Woodstock, GA.

Our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Asaf Yalif, can transform the eyelids by targeting and removing extraneous skin, tissue, and fat on the upper and/or lower eyelids. Certain patients may be able to have an upper eyelid lift with local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in our minor procedures room. Patients will leave looking more youthful, refreshed, and revitalized with a soft, natural appearance.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for eyelid surgery:

  • Have eyelid issues that cause them to look older
  • Have vision problems caused by droopy eyelids
  • Have droopy, down-turned eyelids as a result of aging or genetics
  • Have bags under the eyes
  • Desire a more refreshed, rejuvenated appearance
  • Desire a natural look

What to Expect

Upper Eyelid Surgery

For upper eyelid surgery, the plastic surgeon will make the incision within the natural fold of the eyelid. The incision will be extended outward as much as possible in order to address the extraneous skin folds located on the outside of the upper lid. After the incision is carefully made, the surgeon will remove the excessive fat and skin. Afterwards, the incision will be stitched close with absorbable sutures, which do not require removal by the surgeon. 

Lower Eyelid Surgery

With lower eyelid surgery, the incision will be placed along the bottom of the lash line to allow the plastic surgeon access to remove the extraneous fat and tissue. A special technique used for patients with puffy lower lids but good skin tone is called transconjunctival blepharoplasty. Patients with dark under eye circles caused by a lack of fat in the area could benefit from injectables or fat fillers to add volume to the area.

Upper and Lower  Combined

With some patients, both the lower and upper eyelids need to be addressed to correct all issues effectively. When both are combined, surgery can last around 2 hours.

Anticipated Results

Although eyelid surgery is usually an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgical facility, in some cases it can also be performed as an in-office procedure with a milder form of general anesthesia, called twilight sedation. After surgery, patients can expect the eyelids to be bruised and swollen, which can be alleviated with ice packs, medicated eye ointments and eye drops, and elevating the head. These symptoms should last a few days. Eyelid recovery is usually easy for most patients and normal activities can be resumed within a week. Patients should expect natural-looking, younger, more refreshed eyelids after the surgery. In addition, scars shouldn’t be visible due to their placement.

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Don’t allow your eyes to age you beyond your years any longer. Not only can blepharoplasty give you a younger and more revitalized look, but it can also correct vision problems caused by droopy eyelids. Ready for your transformation? Give us a call at (678) 783-8024 to schedule a free consultation, or contact us online.

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