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About Gynecomastia

It is not clear what causes excess breast tissue in men (gynecomastia), but it can create “man boobs” that make a man less confident or uncomfortable. Men with large breasts may avoid removing their shirt, be unable to participate in active sports, and have trouble finding shirts that fit. Gynecomastia can be treated at Y Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgery with male breast reduction surgery, which surgically excises breast tissue and uses liposuction to remove any stubborn fat for a more masculine chest contour. Male breast reduction surgery performed by our double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Asaf Yalif, for gynecomastia can help men who have breast tissue and fat that cannot be reduced by a healthy diet and exercise to improve their upper body proportions and regain confidence.

Ideal Candidates

Since excess breast tissue can be caused by medical conditions other than gynecomastia, a doctor should confirm the cause before treatment. Ideal candidates will have:

  • A healthy body weight
  • Fat and breast tissue that are resistant to diet and exercise
  • Good skin elasticity
  • Overall good health

What to Expect

Male breast reduction surgery usually involves a combination of surgical tissue removal and liposuction. The plastic surgeon will make an incision (usually around the areola) and remove dense breast tissue with surgical excision. Then the plastic surgeon can remove any excess fat with liposuction to create a smooth contour. After the surgery, patients will have their chest bandaged and in a compression garment that should be worn at all times. Patients should rest and move their upper body as little as possible for at least 3 days. Most patients can return to work in 7 – 10 days and resume low impact exercise in 2 – 3 weeks. The surgeon will go over specific recovery instructions and any prescribed medication.

Anticipated Results

Results from male breast reduction are usually seen at least 3 months after the surgery when the swelling has subsided. It may take 6 – 12 months for the skin to tighten and conform to the new chest shape. The results of male breast reduction surgery will be permanent as long as the patient maintains a healthy, stable weight, but natural signs of aging (like loose skin) will continue.

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A Confidently Contoured Chest

lf you avoid activities, like swimming, sports, and exercise because of gynecomastia, schedule a consultation to learn more about male breast reduction surgery and how it can help you. Treating gynecomastia can improve your appearance, confidence, and activity level.

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